How it works

We like to keep it simple.

Our process is pretty simple. We'll sit with you and discuss your requirements and offer suggestions.
Then we design and build. When we're done, we'll invite you to add, modify and delete your content.
Once you're ready, we launch the website.


During the initial consultation we will sit with you in person or we can have a good phone call, whatever works best for you.

Design & Build

By this point, we've already agreed on price, site structure and scope of work.  We are now ready to build out you site - let the fun begin!


It's GO Time! Now, we're ready to show the world your new website.  Of course we all double check lots of stuff.  Wasn't that easy?


Frequently Asked Questions

How simple is this to use?

Can you say childs play? Yup. It's that simple.  Once we build it for you  we'll give you a few pointers and that's probably all you'll need. You will be able to add, modify and delete any content.

Do you take care of hosting?

Yes we do. We typically charge about $250/yr for this type of website. This gives you up to 5GB of space, which is usually more than enough space.  If you require more space down the road you can simply give us a call to upgrade your hosting package. 

Do I need a domain name?

Yes, we you'll need to buy a domain name. We usually recommend the name of your loved one or the person who the tribute site is for. Domain name costs are about $15/yr if you register it yourself.

We can take care of the domain registration as well for you.

Do I own the website after it's built?

Yes you do own the site. You must however keep hosting the site. It's usually an annual fee to renew, just like any other hosting service.


How long does it take to build?

Great Question. It should not take more than 2 weeks to build out although we are dependent on your content.  We could develop a coming soon page should there time constraint issues on your end.

Can I add videos?

Yes you can. You can embed Youtube or Vimeo videos easily. 
You can also upload MP4 videos as well. We encourage the use of Youtube or Vimeo however.

Do you offer Copy Writing Services?

Yes, we do offer copy writing services. We refer to a 3rd party contractor however. We will recommend a couple for you should you require it.

What if photos need editing?

We tend to include minor photo edits as part of the job. But of course, if we see that it will take a long time, or it's out of scope, we'll let you know and give you an estimate.

We're passionate about designing and building Memorial and Life Tribute websites.  We don't believe in templates and out of box solutions instead we customize beautiful memorable websites for your loved ones.
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